Sunday, 19 April 2009

A very busy weekend indeed!

Howdy all! I've had a fab weekend so far thanks to the fantastic company of Gothmummy (lol) yesterday and a belated Mother's Day treat...

So I bought tickets for me and mum to go and see Marty Pellow in the Witches of Eastwick yesterday afternoon. The show was fab, and mum commented that it was nice to have a mother's day treat that actually involved doing something together. That struck a chord with me, and I'm now resolving to do activity gifts with mum and dad where I can in the future.

So not much crafting has taken place, although I have started some bits today which I might post later on if I get chance. I did, however, want to share with you my new obsession... Vintage Wallpaper.

I bought some lovely VWP from Spinsters Emporium a while ago, which I have used to make some lovely note cards. Originally I had planned to add some embellishments to the front of the cards, but I just love the print so much that I'm going to leave a whole bunch of them blank! :D

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