Saturday, 31 January 2009

A fun day out with a happy ending

I had a lovely time in Nottingham with Nic and Dan this afternoon - we mooched about in a coffee shop and had a good catch up, something I've missed without realising it. Nic is pregnant at the moment and loving it - I get so excited when my friends get pregnant - I get to coo over their babies without having to actually take them home - bonus! I was also excited to hear about Nic's artist tendency - it's funny how long you can know someone yet still discover new things.

I popped into a fabulous art shop ( on the way home to pic up the valentines painting I've been plotting for Shaun - a Romy Bears painting which shows two supercute broken bears clinging to each other on a heart shaped balloon. It's really lovely and reminds me of Shaun and I. I really love supporting local artists, and plan to revisit that shop time and time again! They do art lessons... I have to admit I'm temped!

For the joy of stamps...

Just a quick post this morning, as I'm now officially late for getting ready to go and meet an old friend for lunch, however I'm so. excited. I. just. couldn't. wait!!!

I received a couple of amazing packages from Etsy this morning (and more on that later) however I had to make a special mention for two wonderful hand carved stamps from Kim at Sugarskull7.

I have never seen anything quite like these stamps - the first, a fabulous vintage style peacock, and the second, a stunning anatomical heart! I'll be posting pics of my creations, however in the meantime check out Kim's shop!


Monday, 26 January 2009

The beginning...

Well, I promised myself that this year I would take action to be everything that I want to be... this is one step towards that, and I hope that my little craft loving blog will take shape over the next few months.

Fingers crossed!