Sunday, 29 March 2009

Card craft gallore

I've made a few things recently that I am dying to share with you, however as they relate to upcoming birthdays/gifts I can't do it and risk spoiling the impact for their recipient (don't read into that anything like I think they're good, I just don't like people seeing things before I'm ready). So, to tide this blog over, I thought I would post a pic of an Easter basket made at my craft class yesterday at Honeypotts:

Monday, 23 March 2009

Hold on, it's not saturday?!

We interrupt the scheduled program to report on a Sunday night make - the 'I gave you my heart... go on, take it... ewww you touched it!' pin!

Apologies for the ferocious flash - the red is slightly darker than shown (but not by much)!

Over and out...

Saturday, 21 March 2009

The craft space is getting a bit of a clear out today, as I'm hoping to spend tomorrow making something interesting - no idea what yet! It may, however, involve some of the wonderful new stamps I have purchased over the last few weeks from the fabulous SugarSkull7. I've put pictures below for you to peruse - they're just GORGEOUS!

I love these two spooky stamps - they work really well black on white, however I think I'll need to get creative to make the most of them! I love how clearly they stamp - something that you often don't get with big brand stamps! Simple, but ridiculously effective.

The majestic peacock is one of my favourite feathered friends, and the detail on this stamp is really clear and delicate. I think I'll post this stamp again when I get my hands on a nice dark blue ink - the pale blue really doesn't do it justice when photographed.

The tiny little bird is really sweet (great, I think, for adorning little letters and gift tags), and I love the happy hound chasing his very own star.

Right, well that's it from me for today, I'm off to tidy my creative mess and treat myself to a little vodka. Is it bad that I need vodka incentive to clean? ;)


Happy Saturday!

I've only ever made one greetings card that I have been really, really proud of (see Mariocard below), and in that instance it was the super cute needle felted mushroom pin that thrilled me, not the card itself.
I've been making Confirmation cards for David's church which turned out pretty good, and I set myself a bit of a challenge for Mother's Day this year, as I wanted to make something really dainty with a nice vintage image.

So here is my effort - mum really liked it so I suppose mission accomplished!

Sunday, 15 March 2009


I have a perfectly good reason for missing my saturday blogging spot this week - it was my birthday!

Normal service will resume next week ;)

Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Saturday blog

I quite like the idea of blogging on a Saturday. It's an achievable target, and I think something I can probably convince myself to keep up with - after all, it's once once a week, see? Even I can do something that only requires effort once a week. The nice thing about this is that I can save up all the highlights and best bits from my week, and exclude all the rubbish that I'd rather forget (and there is plenty of that if this week is anything to go by!).

So, this weeks 'top picks'
- catching up with my American starlet,
Keiara - this girl is a seriously talented lampwork artist, and I have *tons* of her gorgeous beads. It had been a while since we had talked, and I kept her yapping for nearly two hours! I love the way some people bring out the babbler in me.

- getting through some tough deadlines at work - it's been a mad week but I broke down a few barriers with some senior people and wow did that feel good! It's great to do such a varied and influential role at work, and I love having the opportunities to speak at conferences and what-not, but even I still get nervous around the bigwigs back at the office!

- getting sign off for my fab course - Certificate in Training Practice, which will get me membership to a professional body for Training - I'm so pleased that my work are supporting this, but I'm also really nervous as it's going to be really hard work. Still, at only a year long, it's worth the effort!

- having a great time at my scrapbook class with Phill at honeypot crafts, who has just started a brilliant blog with tutorials for all the amazing cards he designs. The classes I attend (when I actually turn up - sorry again Phill!) are a lot of fun, and it's great for me to try and be disciplined about my work. Phill's shop is also one of my favourite places - there's always something new I just have to take home with me!

Scrapbooking has become a new hobby of mine courtesy of Phill - I really like the idea of saving important memories. I'm really rubbish at it right now, but like everything I will get better, and as a challenge to myself I thought I'd show you my first scrapbook changes now, and then update you with the finished product when it's done!

So, without further ado...

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Laura, the social butterfly... ;)

I'm really struggling to get my head around this blog thing - I'm spending literally hours each week wandering through the hundreds of inspiring blogs leaving no time for me to write anything of my own. Saying that, I would never have time to turn this into the kind of blog that people actually read, so perhaps I don't need to update this particularly regularly.

I do, however, enjoy sticking pictures up here, so here's one from something I've been doing this weekend - I don't think it's finished yet (I always say that don't I?) but this is it for now.