Sunday, 30 August 2009

Is it October yet?

I know we have only just hit the August bank holiday, however my thoughts are already turning to Halloween - I *love* autumn, and Halloween really tops it off! I only wish I lived in America, where Halloween is celebrated properly - we just don't know how to get in to the holiday spirit in the UK!

Here is hopefully the first of a few Halloween cards I'll make - we'll see what time will allow!

Hope you like it!



Sunday, 23 August 2009

Happy Birthday to ya!

Oh my gosh, I just realised that I have a ton of crafty makes that have never been blogged! I'm going to set that right, so here is a blog catch up...

Hubby Shaun had his birthday at the end of June - he's a massive Wolverine fan, and loves gaming, so I combined the two!

The template for the game controller came from one of my craft mags (can't remember which one, I'll update this if I do!), and the little TV is a drawing of the LG wide screen in our front room - Shaun's pride and joy lol! I was even able to find a screen freeze of the new Wolverine game, so it looks like the card is mid-game. The 'happy birthday' sentiment is even in the official Xbox 360 font typeface lol.

I was *so* pleased with how this turned out, however if I was making it again I would probably use a patterned paper behind the controller.

This cute little card was made for my friend Nichola, who gave birth a few weeks ago to her gorgeous little girl - Millie.

I love the baby girl ribbon so much, it's so cute! It's funny how yummy pink and brown can look together.

I made this card for a very special person, Phill at Honeypot crafts. I tried my best to make a really nice card, as Phill is so clever and kind of my papercraft hero!

I used a Stampin' Up Top Note die cut shape for the base of this card - I love this shape so much, but sadly the die is only avaliable in America! I managed to get a few cuts from ebay, and think I'll get some more as I love this card!

I went for a banoffi cupcake theme - I hope it doesn't look too feminine?

Last, but not least, this is the card I created for my little sisters 26th Birthday. Like me, Karen is in denial, so I went for a '21 again' sentiment.

I got the idea for flipflops from a crafty swap that was taking place at artrageousafternoon - such fun! I used my massive size 8 flipflops as a template, and even used red corragated card to make the bases look as real as possible! They were really fun to make, and I've included a close up of the flower embellishments below. I went crazy with the stickles, I'm new to this brand of glitter glue but I now love it! :D

Anyway, that's it for now - please excuse the long post!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Blog Candy!

I'm now fully addicted to a number of amazing card designers, all of whom are giving away some amazing Blog Candy that I would love to win. You can find them all below:

I'd love to win something, wouldn't you?



Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A fab new blogger a day...

keeps me a happy chappy! Check out the awesome makes from the lovely Jodie at teeth and snarlz - snap up a cuddly pal today!