Saturday, 21 March 2009

The craft space is getting a bit of a clear out today, as I'm hoping to spend tomorrow making something interesting - no idea what yet! It may, however, involve some of the wonderful new stamps I have purchased over the last few weeks from the fabulous SugarSkull7. I've put pictures below for you to peruse - they're just GORGEOUS!

I love these two spooky stamps - they work really well black on white, however I think I'll need to get creative to make the most of them! I love how clearly they stamp - something that you often don't get with big brand stamps! Simple, but ridiculously effective.

The majestic peacock is one of my favourite feathered friends, and the detail on this stamp is really clear and delicate. I think I'll post this stamp again when I get my hands on a nice dark blue ink - the pale blue really doesn't do it justice when photographed.

The tiny little bird is really sweet (great, I think, for adorning little letters and gift tags), and I love the happy hound chasing his very own star.

Right, well that's it from me for today, I'm off to tidy my creative mess and treat myself to a little vodka. Is it bad that I need vodka incentive to clean? ;)


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Keiara Wells said...

Ooh I love the stamps!!! I really neeeeeeeeed something made with the poison bottle stamp. And the bats. And the doggie and star. !!! Get to makin' girl! xox